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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Infiniti Garden di Perancis.. memang unik

the ‘outside-in’ garden by architects meir lobaton corona and ulli heckmann, is conceived as a visual paradox for the 22nd international garden festival of
chaumont sur loire, france - a device that enhances conditions in order to make the audience realize how by relying only on sight, they rely on imagination. 
the intervention provides a sense of how vision can become a shield that precludes the possibility of having a holistic experience of life - one that involves 
the entire body and that extends beyond it.

the experience of the garden begins when the visitor finds himself confronted with a seemingly void space, only the sound of his footsteps walking on top of the
red sand surface and a minimalist white box mysteriously levitating sixty centimeters above the ground complement his experience. the weightless, 5x8 meter 
semi-cubic volume – defined by a translucent white skin– takes almost one third of the extension of the garden and works as a floating canvas where a mono-
chromatic world of shadows are cast, suggesting the presence of what seams to be a tiny and inaccessible chunk of forest confined within. only when gazing inside – 
either by crouching down and looking under it or peeking through one of the peepholes scattered on top of the white surface – the visitor is drawn into an 
illusory space in which trees and plants vanish into the distance. the effect is attained by incorporating four covered interior faces with two-way mirrors that create
a seemingly infinite forest reflected in all directions.

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