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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cadangan Masjid Baru yang Unik di KOSOVO

Lagi cadangan Masjid baru yang unik di Pristina KOSOVO.

the name of aptum architecture's proposed design for the pristina central mosque, MI'RAJ, refers to a one-night,
spiritual journey
made by the prophet muhammed wherein he sojourns to 'the farthest mosque' and eventually tours the heavens,
 engaging with god about
the centrality of prayer. the spiritual-spatial experience is further elaborated on in the hadith, the biographical holy
text of the prophet, but
moreover, emphasizes the unique relationship between place and sanctity in islam. the mosque proposal seeks to
capture the ubiquity of sacred
space in the religion and the importance of the physical journey in the search for spiritual fulfillment.  

the architecture of the masjid, literally a place of prostration, has a rich and varied history that finds its basic typology
 from the original spatial plan
of the prophet's home. while salaat, the islamic prayer process, democratizes any place as a possible site to connect
with god, the building seeks to become
a gathering place and multi-use complex for the community. in this iteration, visitors approach the proposed building
from either end of the site where a
south-flanking stair culminates in an open, circular plaza that enjoys far-reaching city views and a cooling fountain. an
impressive curve finds its zenith in
a dramatic overhang that pulls visitors into the main entryway and lobby. the architecture unravels itself at it separates
 into balconies while  still allowing
visitors a simultaneous journey as they collectively enter the prayer hall through network of archways.

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