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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Abu Izzam for Al-Mustaqbal Channel
Khaibar is the last Jewish strongholdlocated in the south of Medina towards Sham is approximately one hundred miles. Ithas become the character of the Jewsthat they are actually very cowardlySo they ussualy use guerrilla technique frombehind the fortress.
Allah mention it in His wordsThey (Jews) will not fight against you in unityexcept in the villages with fortress or from behind walls (al-Hashr: 14).
Sothe Jews only dare to hide behind a wall against their enemyThereforein Khaibar have many forts were tough and sturdy to be used as a shelter and keep their property. Fortresses areFortress Na’imQal’ah Zubair fortcastle NizarfortSha’ab bin Mu’adhthe castle UbaiQamush fortresscastle and fortress of Wathih Salalim.
Actually Jews did not have enough force to demolish the MuslimsBut they are cleverThey are able to unite the enemies ofMuslims from various tribes were very strongLike they did in Khandaq warFor Muslims in Medina at that dayJewish ismore dangerous than othersSo muslims stormed into the heart of the JewishKhaibar. This is not easy to dobecause thefortress of Khaibar very strong and very tough in that day.
Roman forces which more powerful than muslims that day, failed to conquer the fort of Khaibar which has a layered defensesystemSo after muslims got there, Prophet troops involved in fierce battlefortress by fortress controlled by muslims.Qamush and Zubair fort fallen after a long siege.
This is key to the victory of the Muslim forces, firstly, the Muslim forces confused by how to destroy the castlewhile the Jewsstill hiding in the fortSoon Muhammad urged his troops to cut off the water channel that leading to the fortBecause Jews could survive in his castle for a long time, is the availability of water supply going to castle.
After the water channel was cutthe Jewish forced to come out from the fort. And the nature of JewishJews prefer to give uprather than direct confrontation with the forces of the Muslimsthe entire fort handed over to MuslimsSo that is story of the conquest the Khaibar.
And in the present, Muslims are confronted with the existence of the State of Israel that could be referred as Modern KhaibarFortress!
Yes, State of Israel today is like Khaibar FortressWe can see how they build the Iron Dome (Iron Dome) as a defense of their territoryand make the surrounding Arab countries as a barrier”, blocking direct confrontation against mujahideen.
Actually, the state of Israel is only a small countrybut until nowno one was able to defeat itJews with his cunning make the State of Israel as a fortress to attack MuslimsAs we knowIsrael rule the world from behind the fort only (State of Israel).Jews simply devastated us, especially Muslims in Palestine only by attacking from behind the fort. The question is, whyJewish can hiding for a long time behind the castle (State of Israel)? The most reasonable answer isOilAt presenta country can not be separated from the energy of PetroleumRocketsaircraftand even all their equipment are driven byharnessing the energy of Petroleum, at least their electricity to control all of it generated by machine that use oil.
Maybe if we learn more about the story of the conquest of Khaibarwe would realize that Jews can not survive without waterchannels that supplied into the fort. In the time of the Prophet, water is a very important requirementthen in the present, the most important energy sources is Petroleum. Israeli get the oil from Arab countries through the channels (pipes) that is connected directly into the state of Israel.
As in the conquest of the Khaibar Fortress, so if we want to conquer Israel of course we have to cut the water channel (whichat this present can be represented by petroleum pipelinethat leads to the castle (State of Israel). Yes brothers .. History is only repeatingDoes that mean we have to fight the Arabian Peninsula countries that supply energy to Israel ?, YesAs in thehadith of the Prophet: “You will fight the Arabian Peninsula then God won itThen (you are fighting) the Persian the God wonitThen you are fighting against Rum and you win it then you are fighting Dajjal then God wins you over it(Muslim 5161),
Oil Pipeline from Arab Countries, so Israel have enough fuel for their Tank and Aircraft
Map of Natural Gas Pipeline from Egypt for supply Israel energy
Mujahideen Islamic State cut off one of the Israel’s energy pipeline

Arab countries is just a shield to defend his fortress (State of Israel). Just cut off the source of energy this Statethen they will be come out from the fortresses. It isvery well known by the Mujahideen Islamic Caliphate (ISIS)The Mujahideen todaymakes the energy crisis in Israel by blowing up a natural gas pipes leading to Israel in Sinaialso sabotaged oil pipelinefrom Kurdistan and Iraq that are built to supply energy to IsraelEven soit is not enough if all the pipes from the oil kingdom of Saudi Arabia that led to Israel not destroyed yet!
admin: satu perkongsian artikel yang menarik, mungkin Pejuang Palestine perlu ubah strategi dengan memusnahkan sumber tenaga Israel seperti elektrik, paip gas dan sebagainya bagi melemahkan ketumbukan tentera. 

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