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Friday, July 25, 2014

National Report- US, Israel dan NATO terlibat dalam serangan ke atas MH17 yang mengorbankan 289 nyawa


National Report melaporkan bahawa US, Israel dan NATO terlibat dalam serangan ganas ke atas MH17 pesawat MAS Malaysia.

By Rayne Covelli
This evening our Editor-in-Chief Nigel Covington, is in flight on assignment to cover the terrorist attack on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. His plane is due to arrive in about three hours. His destination is Grabovo, Donetsk Region, Ukraine, where most of the doomed airliner fell out of the sky along with the corpses of the victims on this small farming village.

His contact in the region earlier today made contact with the Nation Report’s Seattle office and spoke directly with Covington. Within the hour he was in the air. According to Covington’s source new evidence recovered from the crash site today strongly implicates direct involvement of the US, Israel and NATO in the blatant terrorist attack on the doomed civilian airliner that took the lives of 289 people. His contact is actively involved in the fighting with pro-Russian rebel forces.
We expect a report from Covington in the next 18 hours. Bookmark the National Report for further updates as they become available.
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