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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Mastery Marketing

Hari ini ingin berkongsi berkaitan dengan pemasaran atau Marketing.

Sebagai panduan kita tengok langkah atau step di sini,

  • Know your customer
-what motivates that person to buy your product? How old is the average person buying from you? The more you know about your market, the more you are able to target your message effectively
  • Use the knowledge of your market
-to create the message taht hits them in the core. dont assume that your prospect will already know the benefit or about your product. you have to spell it out for them.
  • Time your message appropriately
-think abot certain times of the year that your product or services can be advertise or promote aggressively. For example school holiday or festive day can be exploited to target your potential market.
  • Research your competitor
-study your competitor, what the do, how they promote the same thing like your product, to know them better, collect their brochure and find their unique selling points.
  • have the right offer
-expert says, only 20% of your result are based on your creativity, 40% is dependant on offer, and the last 40% is dependant on your list.

source: NST wed-feb-8-2012

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