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Friday, February 27, 2015

Amazing, you have to try it! How to Increase Intimacy in 4 Minutes!

Starring into your partner’s eye is a concept that practically all romantic stories feature, but how many can really say that they have done this in their lives, let alone on a daily basis! (And no, starring contest does not count). Well, if you haven’t, then maybe it is time you put it use!
SoulPancake, a popular channel, decided to test out a theory that states, “4 minutes of uninterrupted eye contact increases intimacy. “ They gathered 6 couples from different lengths into their relationships – including two strangers.
The results are quite fascinating! Especially adorable is the older couple; they will totally bring out the inner true romantic in you! Enjoy the video and put the idea to test. You never know, the four minutes may entirely change the perspective you have on your relationship.

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