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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Obama mengarahkan pesawat MH17 dijatuhkan- National Report


National Report adalah antara media bebas di Amerika Syarikat dan membuat kenyataan yang begitu berani terhadap isu nahas pesawat MH17. Ia dikatakan berkait rapat dengan Amerika Syarikat akan kehilangan pendapatan USD15 bilion daripada rawatan HIV/AIDS jika penawarnya didedahkan oleh saintis daripada Belanda yang akan menyertai Seminar Antaraangsa HIV/AIDS di Australia bagi membincangkan Kajian lanjut HIV/AIDS.

Just under two weeks after theMalaysian Airlines Flight 17 (MH17) was shot down from Ukranian skies, media outlets are learning that US President Barack Obama gave the orders to down the aircraft, which was transporting the world’s top HIV and AIDS researchers from Amsterdam (AMS) to the Kuala Lampur Airport in Malaysia. The White House has reportedly been working alongside the Ukranian Government to blame Russian Militants for the incident.
This, all according to Erik Rush, an author and columnist who claimed Obama was to blame for the missingMalaysian Jetliner MH370 in early 2014, was done by Obama purely for political gain. While Rush may be onto a possible theory, he is missing the most obvious point – the plane was carrying, again, the world’s top HIV/AIDS scientists, who were supposed to be attendees at a conference in Australia to discuss the most recent advancements in HIV/AIDS research
What we do know, is that at least six of the three hundred passengers were conference attendees, and among them was Joep Lange, the former International AIDS Society President, and World Health Organization spokesperson Glenn Thomas, as well as a duo of AIDS activists, and others whose identities are not yet clear.  It is believed that Lange’s colleague, Jacqueline van Tongeren, also perished in the wreck.
Rush, who views Obama as a viable suspect in the striking down of MH17, does not realize the undeniable reality involved in abolishing AIDS scientists. Yearly, the United States receives at least $15 billion dollars in funding for HIV and AIDS treatment. If scientists reveal a cure, the US is in to lose a significant amount of medical funding, and Obama will not let that happen.
To break it down, the United States received $5.3 billion dollars in 2012 from Medicaid funding, who only covers about half of AIDS patients. Medicare, who covers even less than Medicaid, has funded the US with $6.6 billion dollars for AIDS patients so far in 2014, while the US has requested an additional $7.7 billion in funding for 2015. The Ryan White Program, an AIDS funding act that was passed in 1990, has already received a $2.3 billion dollar funding request from the US for the 2015 year.
While Rush may be right about Obama working with government officials from Ukraine to focus the blame on Russian Militants, he is wrong about Obama doing it to save political face. The plane was shot down, by directive of Barack Obama, to prevent AIDS scientists from jeopardizing his billions in funding and finding a permanent cure for the disease.

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